Guardian Rock is a character in a game with the same name.


The Guardian Rock is square shaped and a white outline is going around him. Guardian Rock has red eyes, two white teeth, a black mouth, a light grey nose, and light grey eyebrows. Except for Guardian Rock's eyes, mouth, teeth, chin, and eyebrows, he is completely dark grey.

Game information

Guardian Rock moves with the arrow keys and the only way for him to change direction is to hit a object that stops it from moving and then pressing the arrow keys to go a certain way. However, some objects will force him to move in a certain direction even if he is moving in the opposite direction it is forced to go. If Guardian Rock hits any hazards, he will be destroyed.


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Guardian Rock was created by tribesmen that lived in a temple in a jungle for the purpose of guarding the temple's treasure from noisy intruders. Guardian Rock would silently roam the temple's hall and protect them also from intruders. When some archaeologists came to the temple looking for its treasure and wisdom, Guardian Rock awoke from his millennium of slumber and sought to protect the temple and drive the intruders away.

When Guardian Rock activated the final defences, all the intruders fled. Guardian Rock then reprepared the damages done to the temple. After that he settled down with his new found love, Greta. Guardian Rock and Greta lived normally, with good times and bad, cosy candle light evenings, and occasional quarrels for the rest of their eternal lives.