Guards are enemies in the game Agent Turnright.


Guards have a body lacking curves that is made up of rectangular limbs and a rectangular trunk. Guards are completely covered black save for two square, bright yellow eyes placed on their head; an uncovered peach coloured square indicating a hand and suggesting that they have white skin; and a dark blue rectangular gun held in their left hand.

Game information

Guards are first found on stage 7 and often appear in stages classified "Escape" or "Destroy". Guards will behave differently depending on the classification of the stage, but one trait unique to both patterns is that they will shoot upon sight of Agent Tunright. In stages classified as "Escape", guards are found in ones or twos, are stationary, and placed in a certain part of the stage often near items such as potions or keys. The area of a guard's line of fire always needs to be crossed and, to avoid harming Agent Turnright, can only be passed if he has achieved stealth by a potion.

In stages classified as "Destroy", guards appear in a large quantity and always come from the top of the screen, firing their guns, and stop in a certain places in line with the guards of that stage. Unlike "Escape" stages, killing guards is necessary to complete the stage and can only be achieved by a single bullet from Agent Turnright's gun. However, stage 15 breaks this established pattern partially with guards instead appearing in blue boats, firing in increments of three bullets, and requiring more than one bullet from Agent Turnright's gun to be destroyed.