Ability: Moves blocks
Eliminates explosives
Game(s): Planet 161

The gun is an item in Planet 161. It is the first of the three items in the game to be introduced to the player, in level 2.


The gun is grey in colour. The handle is a darker shade of grey and is shaped like a triangle with the pointed side facing upwards. The gun part itself is shaped like a thin rectangle, with two grey marks on the top of the rectangle and one sticking out at the bottom.

Game information

The gun can be picked up by Hinds and used by pressing the S or X key. When used, it fires a single bullet that continues travelling in the horizontal direction it was shot from until it hits a wall, block or explosive.

Different objects react in various ways when hit by a bullet. Blocks, for instance, will move over the width of one block away from Hinds' current position when he shot the gun. If a block is already facing a wall and it is shot, it will not move. Explosives, when shot, will explode and disappear from the level altogether. Both actions may be necessary to passing a level.

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