Hands are main characters in the game Tough Love Machine


Hands bear a resemblance to human hands containing five fingers but being completely white. The white part of the hand is attached to a rectangular sections of varying length that is divided into coloured segments composed of two squares being either pale green, a dull green shade, varying shades of pink, purple, purplish-blue, or teal.

When the hand is extended to its maximum capacity its sections are predominately purple and pink with light and dull green shades near the white part. When the level is completed, the colour of each hand's segments flash rapidly from blue and white segments to yellow and lime green.

Game information

Hands first appear in the tutorial of Tough Love Machine and appear in all other levels always fixed to a certain block. Each hand has separate controls with the left hand being controlled by the "W", "A", "S", and "D" keys while the right hand is controlled by the arrow keys. Once a key is pressed, that hand will move in a certain direction with the extent to which the hand can reach being set by the number of segments they are given each level. If a hand touches any object, save for spikes, that object will be moved one space forward, an aspect which is often crucial to completing most levels. If a hand makes contact with spikes, the hand will rebound backwards and appear to be hurt.

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