The heroes are the main characters of Random Heroes.


Randomheroes-bandit Bandit

The bandit has blond hair and sideburns. He wears a brown shirt with a yellow button and also blue pants. On his feet are a pair of black shoes.

Randomheroes-gentleman Gentleman

The gentleman has black sideburns and black eyes that look like the bandit's. He wears a black tophat and dress shirt with a white collar. The outfit also has a yellow button on the right side of his jacket.

Randomheroes-trucker Trucker

The trucker wears a red cap with a white forehead section. He has a brown mustache and beard, and is seen wearing a grey vest and blue pants. The vest he is wearing is open, exposing some of his skin.

Randomheroes-psycho Psycho

The psycho is dressed in a light grey outfit. He is bald and his face is covered with a mask. His light grey shirt has a single visible button on it, and his pants extend down so that they meet his feet.

Randomheroes-cop Cop

The cop is dressed in blue attire and has a pair of sunglasses that cover his eyes. Some sideburns are visible. On the police cap he wears, there is a yellow dot. A smaller version of this yellow dot is also seen on his jacket, on the player's left. He also wears a pair of black shoes.

Game information



The hero selection screen with the Cop option locked.

Before playing a selected level from the level select screen, the player is prompted to choose from a selection of five heroes. These heroes only vary in appearance, and their selection does not affect gameplay. Completing Random Heroes with different heroes, however, allows the player to obtain different achievements depending on the hero they beat the game with.

At the start of the level, each hero is equipped with a gun, which they can use to defend themselves with. The choice of weaponry in the shop affects the gun's firing and damage rate. If the hero makes contact with an enemy or hazard, they will lose a portion of their health.

Unlockable heroes

The bandit, gentleman and trucker are all available for the player to select as their character by default. As the player progresses in Random Heroes, they can earn achievements that will allow them to unlock two additional heroes. Unlocking the extra heroes also earns the player some more achievments.

  • Psycho - Requires five achievements to unlock. Also unlocks the "Forgot my Medication" achievement.
  • Cop - Requires fifteen achievements to unlock. Also unlocks the "The Long Arm of the Law" achievement.


The heroes were chosen to stop an invasion that occurred after two kids tip over a tomb stone, causing a portal to open. As enemies began to invade the town, the heroes, with their weapons and tools, helped save the world from the invasion.

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