Hiding robots are enemies in the Terrarium areas of Ripple Dot Zero.



The robot hidden in its capsule.

Hiding robots appear inside a cylindrical base, which is dark brown and has a slit below its rim. The robot, fully revealed, has a semicircular head with four thin arms, two that stick out at diagonals on either side. These arms have light blue tips, as well as the flat edge of the hiding robot's head. Their bodies are thin but do not have blue light.

Game information

Hiding robots are found in both Terrarium Area 1 and 2. They can be spotted from a distance by a blue light shining through a cylindrical base. When Ripple Dot Zero approaches the base, the hiding robot will rise, fully revealing itself. It will retreat into its cylinder if the penguin moves away a farther distance.

Hiding robots are vulnerable when they are out of their base, and can be killed with a single strike. If they are concealed, they cannot be hit, so Ripple Dot Zero must be close to one in order to destroy it.

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