Hinds is a soldier trying to escape from the Planet 161. He is the character the player controls in the game Planet 161, named after the planet which he is imprisoned on.


Hinds wears a suit that covers his entire body, including his head. The mask of the suit is coloured orange, with two red circles for his eyes. This orange also colours the arms and legs of his suit.

The rest of the suit is coloured a dark purple (as seen in the titlescreen of the game) or grey, as seen in levels. Hinds is seen carrying a gun that is rectangular, with a part of the long side resting on his arms.

Game information

Throughout the levels, Hinds is trying to escape from the Planet 161 by travelling through wormholes. To reach the wormholes, he must make use of the items and interactive objects around the environment which he is placed in. Generally, these are items that can help him move blocks or climb up walls to ultimately reach the wormhole, with a means of leaving the prison planet for good.


Hinds was a soldier fighting in the Empirion War. The alien emperor ZORDAK eventually captured and banished him to the smallest planet in sector 11, known as the Planet 161.

The planet was divided into several different areas, each with their own wormhole. By entering the wormholes, Hinds could teleport to different locations on the planet, and was able to reach these teleporters by interacting with the elements presented on the planet.

Hinds later found the escape pod and was able to leave the planet without anyone knowing.


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