Invisibility potions
Inviciblity potion
Ability: Making Agent Turnright invisible to Guards
Game(s): Agent Turnright

Invisibility potions are pick ups found in the game Agent Turnright.


Invisibility potions potions are circular with a cylindrical neck extending into a flat top. The fast pace potion is dark green with light green on the flat top and below it a darker shade of green but smaller then the light green part. A white I is placed on the circular part of the shrink potion.

Game information

Invisibility potions are first found on stage seven. Invisibility potions are only found in stages classified as "Escape". When touched, invisibility potions will change Agent Turnright to the colour of the floor but a bit dark so that the player can still see him for seven seconds. While under the effects of the invisibility potion, Agent Turnright can walk past Guards and they will not fire at him. This is often useful since objects that are need to get passed the stage are sometimes placed near guards.