Key cards
Ability: Unlocks doors
Game(s): Planet 161

Key cards are interactive objects in Planet 161. They are first seen in level 8.


Key cards are red-orange in colour and are shaped like rectangles, with a part of the top-right corner cut off and an indent on the top-left side. A thin, grey rectangle can also be seen directly underneath the orange component of the key card. Three red vertical stripes line the bottom, with a patch of red forming a tiny staircase shape near the top visible area of the key card.

Game information

Key cards make their first appearance alongside lava, doors and explosives in level 8 and are necessary for level completion. Only one key card appears per level which they are seen in. When Hinds collects a key card, he will be able to open a door by passing through it. The key card only needs to be used once, since there is only one door in each level where key cards can be found in.

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