A red key
Ability: Opening locks
Game(s): Seedling

Keys are interactive objects in Seedling.


Keys are made up of two main components. The first is the tab, which varies in shape based on the colour of the key. The second is the blade, which is a long, thin, rectangle with two smaller shapes sticking out from the player's left. All keys in Seedling are seen with their blades pointing towards the ground.

Game information

When collected by the seedling, keys can open locks necessary for the game's completion. A key, once obtained, is included in the seedling's inventory, where the player can review what keys he has collected so far. Using a key requires the young seedling to walk up to a lock the same colour as the key's tab. Upon doing so, the key is automatically inserted into the lock, allowing the seedling to pass. If the player does not have a key of matching colour, the lock does not open.


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These are the locations where each of the keys are located.

  • Red key - The seedling can pick up the red key after killing the Shieldspire in Gundernourd. This is necessary to open the red lock which allows the seedling to exit the location. The red key is also needed for access to Rostef.
  • Green key - Located in Rostef, obtaining this key requires the seedling to travel down a hole through an inside passageway leading up to the outside where the green key is located. Once it is taken, the seedling has to step on a switch that prevents him from going back the way he came. The green key is needed to fight the Times.
  • Purple key - The purple key is found in Lacste.
  • Blue key - Found in Trohn.
  • Yellow key - Found in Woshad, in the area to the left upon the seedling's entry into Woshad.


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