The King of Fire is one of the Creatures of the Relic. The player fights him in Bosiniad.

Physical appearance

The King of Fire is several shades of orange that match the surrounding lava. He has a dome-shaped head with a yellow line bordering the bottom component of the dome. He possesses two muscled arms, which keep close to his body.


Once in Bosiniad, the young seedling must obtain the Dark Suit before he can fight the King of Fire. The pit leading to the King of Fire is located on an isolated area surrounded by lava. When the young seedling enters the pit, he will fall into an area with ground area and walls, as well as a pit of lava, which the King of Fire sits in for the duration of the battle.


The King of Fire alternates between two attacks on the young seedling. He first sends out lava creatures, who hone in on the seedling. Shortly after, the King of Fire shoots out five fireballs, traveling outwards in straight lines. Both attacks hurt the young seedling on contact, but also cause damage to enemies in the process due to the Dark Suit powerup.


To defeat the King of Fire, the player must first stun him. Using weapons such as the Ghost Spear or dark sword, the seedling must be able to defend himself from lava creatures. As the fireballs are shot out, hitting one with a weapon of the player's choice will cause the fireball to rebound and hit the King of Fire instead. This hit will temporarily stun the King of Fire, and the player should use this opportunity to hit him with the weapon. Doing so three times will kill the King of Fire.

After the King of Fire is killed, the block barricading the exit is removed, and the player can exit through the path to leave Bosiniad and proceed to the next area.