The Knave is a playable character in Slayin.


The Knave wears a brown shirt with a white collar and a red coat over it. He also wears a three-sided red cap, with some brown hair peeking out of it. Square-shaped eyes are visible on his face. By default, he bears two daggers that are silver with blue handles.

Game information

When the player reaches level fifty with the Knight or Wizard, they can unlock the Knave as a playable character. Similar to the Knight, the Knave jumps when the spacebar is pressed. He, however, bears a dagger on either side of his body rather than a single weapon like the Knight.

The Knave is strongest in Luck (given three stars) and weakest in Defence (given one star).

Shop items

The shop items made available to the player for the Knave increase the amount of gold coins dropped by enemies. These items change the look of his daggers when the player purchases them. When the Knave slays enemies with daggers purchased from the shop, the enemies will drop more coins. Additional items include the Knave Coat Armor, which increases the character's luck. With the Coat Armor, enemies become more likely to leave behind gold coins once killed. These coins become a factor in increasing the Knave's health.


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