The Knight is the default playable character in Slayin.


At the start of each game, the Knight wears silver armour with a part of his face exposed. He holds a shield with one hand, and that shield is also silver with a pink dagger shape on it. In his other hand is a sword, which can change depending on the type of weapon purchased from the shopkeeper. By default, the sword is silver with an orange handle.

The colour of the Knight's armour changes depending on the level of armour.

Game information

The Knight is the first playable character in Slayin that is available to players. At the start of the game, the Knight wields a sword that kills enemies instantly. Any hazard or enemy that makes contact with his body, however, subtracts from his overall health.

Statistically, the Knight is strongest in Defence (given three stars), and lowest in Luck (one star).

Shop items

Any shop items made available to the Knight vary in type. Many of them increase the Knight's attack range, while others increase his overall speed, luck and reduce damage from contact with certain hazards. The item Bronze Armor Level 1 can be used as a secondary health.


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