The Knight is the default playable character in Slayin.


At the start of each game, the Knight wears silver armour with a part of his face exposed. He holds a shield with one hand, and that shield is also silver with a pink dagger shape on it. In his other hand is a sword, which can change depending on the type of weapon purchased from the shopkeeper. By default, the sword is silver with an orange handle.

The colour of the Knight's armour changes depending on the level of armour.

Game information

The Knight is the first playable character in Slayin that is available to players. At the start of the game, the Knight wields a sword that kills enemies instantly. Any hazard or enemy that makes contact with his body, however, subtracts from his overall health.

Statistically, the Knight is strongest in Defence (given three stars), and lowest in Luck (one star).

Shop items

Weapons Coins Rubies Descriptions
Silver Sword 40 0 Increases attack range.
Thieves' Dagger 60 0 Increases luck.
Lightfoot's Dagger 150 0

Increases speed.

Bone Cleaver 170 0

Increases attack range.

Broad Sword 200 0 Increases attack range even more.
Lightfoot's Rapier 250 0 Increase speed and attack range.
Holy Mace 350 1 Reduces damage from acid.
Shining Lance 420 2 Largest attack range and can destroy skulls.
Legendary Sword 500 3

Adds random lightning strikes.

Armor Coins Rubyes Description
Bronse Armor Level 80/150 0 Once the armor health is depleted, it will break.
Speed enchantment 250 1 Increases your overall speed.
Protection enchantment 500 1 Protects from acid puddles.

Once the armor health is depleted, all enchantments will be cleared.