Krystal is a mermaid in Aqua Boy who assists the player.


Krystal only appears in transmissions, so only her head is visible on screen. She has pale peach skin with blonde hair streaked with orange. Her eyes are white with black pupils, and black eyeliner covers her eyelids with two eyelashes seen at the tip of each eye. Fuschia lips, between her eyes, are curved into a smile.

Game information


Krystal on a rock.

Krystal only appears in a few chambers, messaging Aqua Boy about where to get heart containers. She makes one appearance to the player when Aqua Boy gets his first heart container, and later in transmissions two more times. Her transmissions always begin with the greeting, "Come in, Aqua Boy!"


  • Karken's Outpost:
    • Hey, Aqua Boy! Swim up here! All the way up! I've got something for you!
    • Check it out! A heart container! These increase your maximum health. Stay safe, Aqua Boy!
  • Bangcrack's Lair:
    • Hey, Aqua Boy! There's a heart container...uh...somewhere around here...
  • Lost City of Pathandor:
    • Aqua Boy! Another heart container! Just beyond those deadly obstacles!

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