Lambs are young sheep. They run from you because they haven't learned to like you yet! - the farmer describing lambs in level six

A group of four lambs
Ability: Run away from the sheepdog
Game(s): Sheepwalk

Lambs are the younger sheep and are first introduced in level six.


Unlike sheep and rams, lambs have black eyes that are spaced farther apart. Each lamb has a light pink-coloured head with shaded cheeks seen up close. The rest of the body is a light shade of purple. The ears stick out on either side of their head at an angle. Like the other sheep, however, only two of their legs are visible. These are shown as thick rectangles underneath the body.

Game information

Lambs, when near the sheepdog, take off in the opposite direction as it approaches. If at a wall, the lambs will continue moving in a line within the area until they hit a wall or wander off the screen. Because they do not stay near the sheepdog, they are considerably easier to lose off the screen than the other types of sheep. The pace they move at is about the same as a white sheep.

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