The protagonist holding a lamp in the dark (left) and in light (right)
Ability: Portable light
First level: Level 3
Game(s): Night Lights

Lamps are items in Night Lights, introduced in level 3.


Lamps, when visible in light, have a dark blue-grey top and bottom, both similarly shaped as thin semicircles. In between these top and bottom components is a white rectangle. A small knob sticks out from the top of the lantern.

Game information

When lamps are first brought into the game, signs are present within the level instructing the player on how to use the lamp. Lamps are placed on a platform, often a distance away from the protagonist. To use a lamp, the protagonist must pick it up, done with the X key. Pressing and holding the C key, the lamp activates until the player lets go of the key.

The lamp creates an aura of light that surrounds the protagonist, allowing it to change certain areas of a level where a light may not be present. Lamps, for instance, can be held and used while travelling towards a firing spike cannon or can be used to find an available opening only visible by the light.

Lamps can also be placed on switches to maintain their functions when pressed, allowing the player to progress further in the game.

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