Attack: Fires lasers
Damage: One square
Game(s): Seedling

Lasers are hazards in the Ghethis areas of Seedling.


Laser turrets are light blue in colour and are taller than the young seedling. They have three visible openings near the tip of their "heads". Horizontal lines run across the turrets. The lasers they fire are yellow coloured.

Game information

Laser turrets are found in Ghethis, floating a distance away from some of the platforms the seedling walks on. They remain stationary, firing lasers at a constant rate. One laser is fired at a time by each of them, through one of their openings. The firing of the lasers then rotates to the adjacent laser opening, which continues in a circular motion. As soon as lasers are fired, they fade into the background.

The rate at which the laser turrets fire varies from area to area. Some turrets fire lasers that gradually fade into focus, while others fire at a rapid pace of about two lasers per second. Lasers, in any case, subtract a square of health from the seedling and cause him to be pushed back on the platform he is on. If there are no platforms behind his position, he will fall off and the player will be forced to restart the area.