The seedling caught in lava
Damage: Instant death (without Dark Suit)
Game(s): Seedling

Lava is a hazardous substance in Seedling.


Lava has various shades of orange spotting its surface. Light orange runs in lines, forming round shapes. These shapes move around within the lava.

Game information

Lava makes its first appearance on the far side of Woshad, where a chest can be found. This area, however, is not necessary for the completion of the location, so does not need to be crossed at the time.

Lava can mostly be found in Bosiniad, covering large areas with some narrow passageways allowing access over it. If the seedling steps in lava without the Dark Suit powerup, the game will force the player to start at the last area the seedling entered into. It supposedly causes the young seedling to lose all of his health.

Since crossing lava is necessary for fighting the King of Fire as well as reaching Ghethis, the player must find the Dark Suit so that the young seedling can swim through it without getting hurt.

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