Lava creatures are enemies in Seedling, found in the Bosiniad areas.

Physical appearance


Lava creatures contained in Bosiniad.

Lava creatures are dark brown-red blobs. They have a pair of yellow eyes and mouth. The bottom of the blob shape resembles tiny legs that the lava creatures use for "waddling", while the top of their heads are roughly rounded over.

Game information

Lava creatures are first seen when the young seedling enters Bosiniad, contained in a tiny area blocked off by barriers. When the seedling comes close to them, they move towards the seedling in an attempt to hit him. If they make contact, the young seedling will lose health.

With a Ghost Spear, lava creatures can be killed in one hit, as long as the seedling can contain them and not be hit himself. The killing of lava creatures is necessary upon entering Bosiniad, as they keep the locks that allow the player to proceed locked.