Ability: Allows the leaf seedling to float
Game(s): Leaf Me Alone

The leaf is the first item the player must collect in Leaf Me Alone.


The leaf is a green colour similar to the shades on the trees the leaf seedling must climb to obtain it. Forming a teardrop shape, the leaf rests on its stem, which is also the same colour of green as is the leaf. The leaf's head moves from side to middle to the other side, but remains in one place until picked up.


To get the leaf, the player has to guide the leaf seedling all the way to the top of the tree closest to the leaf seedling's starting point. This tree can be seen when the leaf seedling jumps up the green and brown platforms forming steps to the left of the player, away from the door to their right. Continuing in an upwards direction, the trunk of a tree will be seen. If the leaf seedling jumps on the branches or leaves of the tree as done with the platforms, it will reach the top of the tree, where the leaf is. A drum sound effect is heard once the seedling has the leaf in possession.


The leaf is used for catching gusts of wind, such as breezes from fans or clouds, and also acts as a parachute while the leaf seedling holds it in midair.



Using the leaf parachute

When collected, the leaf allows the leaf seedling to float while in the air. This action can be done when the player presses and holds the jump key in midair. If the jump key is pressed and held, the leaf seedling holds up the leaf and begins to float, slowing down its falling speed. This is necessary to reach the tree trunk on the far right of the leaf's original position, as jumping alone does not allow the player to move the leaf seedling to the elevated area far enough.


Deploying the leaf in midair over gusts of wind allows the seedling to travel in the same direction the wind is. For fans, the seedling moves upward, allowing it to access out-of-reach platforms. For clouds, the seedling moves horizontally in either the left or right direction, depending on the cloud's orientation.

If the leaf seedling stands over a fan or directly in front of a cloud without using the leaf, no effect takes place.

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