The leaf seedling is the main character of Leaf Me Alone.


The leaf seedling is light brown with pixel black eyes. It has two short, thin arms that hang out at its side, and two feet, which align to its body at a slanted angle.

Game information

The leaf seedling starts out next to a grey door, which it must open to complete the game. The leaf seedling sets out on a journey to collect the three gems necessary for the door's unlocking. Along the way, the leaf seedling collects the leaf and seed to help it collect the gems.

Upon collecting all three gems, the leaf seedling is then able to enter the room through the now-open door. In the room, the words "Now I can be alone" are seen written on the wall, indicating that the leaf seedling's ultimate goal was to find a place where it could be left alone.


The leaf seedling can collect two items that enable it to reach platforms otherwise unreachable by jumping alone.

  • Leaf - With the leaf, the seedling can slow down the speed of its fall, allowing it to travel farther in a horizontal direction.
  • Seed - The seed allows the seedling to plant a fan, which can help it reach higher ledges.


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