Leaping robot
Attack: Firing bullets
Health: 5 hits
First level: Ripple Laboratories Area 2
Game(s): Ripple Dot Zero

The leaping robot is the first boss encountered in Ripple Dot Zero.


The leaping robot is mostly dark grey, with two thin legs and a large head with green eyes. There are two guns are located on its underside.

Game information

The leaping robot makes its only appearance in Ripple Laboratories Area 2, in an area just before the particle fields. The battle takes place in a single screen, on a flat platform. Ripple Dot Zero cannot move out of this screen unless he defeats the boss or dies.

Attack patterns

Upon initiating the battle, the leaping robot will jump off the screen from the right side and shoot four bullets at even intervals downward. It then lands on the other side of the screen and pauses for a brief moment before leaping into the air again.

After the leaping robot is damaged three times, it shoots more frantically. When it is one hit away from defeat, it fires seven bullets down instead of four.


The leaping robot can be damaged by striking its guns. Since the rest of its body can cause Ripple Dot Zero to be hurt, players should use the G-Blade to hit the robot at long range. The robot should be hit as soon as it has landed after shooting.

If the player obtains the invincibility suit and enters the boss battle before its effect wears off, they can use that invincibility for a part of the battle. This allows the penguin to be immune to all damage and also allows him to damage the leaping robot by directly touching it with the suit.

When the leaping robot is defeated, it will shut down as orange explosions appear around it. Its body remains where the player killed if it they choose to explore the area further.

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