The leaping robot is an enemy of "Chapter 3: Cemetery" in Random Heroes.


A leaping robot is silver, with a round body and a single stand used for leaping. It has two circular white eyes, and two horizontal lines that run across the body underneath its eyes. The area in between these two lines is a lighter shade of grey than the rest of the body.

Game information

Leaping robots are first encountered on level thirteen, right after the hero's fight with the mutant turtle. They often occupy low-ceiling, enclosed areas, amongst themselves in groups.

Each leaping robot moves by using its "leg" to push itself off the ground and leap in an arc. It then pauses for a brief moment before leaping again. When it hits a wall, it turns around and continues in the other direction. Leaping robots can cross through each other, but often cannot leave the area they are enclosed in. They subtract one bar of health from the hero on contact.

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