The seedling This article is about lights from Depict1. For lights from other games, please see Lights
Light beam
Beam of light
Ability: Allowing the player to progress to the next level
Game(s): Depict1

Light beams are an interactive object in the game Depict1.


Light beams are vertical rectangles with their flanks being gold while their inner parts are cream coloured.

Game information

Light beams first appear on level 1 of Depict1 and in all subsequent levels. If the protagonist touches a light beam, they will begin to travel up it and progress to the next level. Due to this function, light beams are the focal points of each level and are typically found at the end of the level's area, though a few are found closer.

Though typically light beams should be immediately stepped into once the protagonist is close enough, level 31 breaks this mold as stepping into the light beam will lead to Depict1's first ending, while waiting in front of the light beam till it deteriorates and then proceeding onwards to complete the rest of the level will lead to Depict1's second ending. Additionally, level 31 is the only level where a light beam disappears.

In level 6, a light beam with orange flanks appears being claimed by the antagonist exit for that level; however, this light beam is fake at does not affect the player in any way.


  • Level 6 and 31 are the only two levels in Depict1 where two light beams appear.