Living things
A butterfly
Abilities: Kills on contact
Health: N/A
First level: Level 8
Game(s): Tower of Heaven

Living things refer to the alive entities in Tower of Heaven.



Butterflies have two segmented wings, with one segment on each wing noticeably larger than the other. Their wings have shades of green and gold in them.


Plants are dark green with gold outlines on the top of them. Some dandelions can be seen poking out of the grass. The dandelions have a gold shadow beneath them.

Vines appear as thin, green lines with some gold on them.

Game information

All living things are encountered in the first level of the game, but are not introduced as hazards until level 8. Up until this point, both butterflies and plants are decorative items and do not harm Eid on contact.

When level 8 commences, living things become hazards due to the addition of a rule to the book of laws. When Eid touches plants or butterflies, he is beheaded and his decapitated body collapses to the ground.


Plants and butterflies behave in different ways. Butterflies fly in a circle continuously at the same pace, and can travel either in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Plants, however, are stationary and cover the ground or platforms of certain areas within levels. Vines, which are also plants, hang between gaps created by spaced out platforms. (These plants are not introduced to the game until level 8.) Grass bends back a bit as Eid walks through it.

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