Machinebugs are enemies in the Crater Lake areas of Ripple Dot Zero.


Machinebugs have a crab-like appearance, and have a pink body and spotted shell. They have four visible legs that point outwards. The shell on top has a white outline and is black with yellow spots on it. Attached to this shell is a silver gun that points in the direction the machinebug is facing.

Game information

Machinebugs are encountered solo, pacing on their own individual platforms. In some cases, they may be walking on the same platform as other enemies, particuarly crab crawlers. Periodically, a machinebug will pause on its platform and shoot several bullets that travel in a horizontal direction. The bullets all travel at the same pace and stop when they hit a wall, another enemy or Ripple Dot Zero. Machinebugs may also stop and fire at Ripple Dot Zero if he is facing the machinebug directly.

A single slash attack instantly kills the machinebug. They are not found in any other area outside of Crater Lake.

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