The amount of mana, shown at the bottom.

Mana is a numerical value in Reprisal that determines the player's ability to create land and use totems. An indicator of how much mana the player has is displayed on screen within each level. This value is always reset to 150 whenever the player starts a level.


Mana constantly increases in number as long as the game remains unpaused for the duration of the level. The speed of the regeneration of mana depends on the number and size of settlements built by the tribes. The more larger-sized settlements made, the faster the number increases. A larger value of mana allows the player to make use of additional totems that strengthen the blue tribe or weaken any enemy tribes.


Mana is subtracted immediately once the player uses a selected totem. The amount subtracted is indicated with a number below each totem. If an attempt is made to use a totem that requires more mana than what the player has, the words, "You don't have enough mana" appear above the cursor and the totem briefly turns to a grey colour.


The cost of each usable totem is given below, in order of collection

Totem Collected in Mana required
Terraforming N/A Expansion: 10
Depression: 20
Waypoint N/A 60
Forest Island 1: Baby Steps 100
Fire Column Island 3: Fire Play 220
Lightning Storm Island 5: Flash Ahhh-haaaa 250
Swamps Island 6: Thirsty Work 200
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