The master is a secondary main character in Perspective.


The master is an elderly woman, with a hunched over posture supported by a cane. She has grey hair, tied up in a bun, and blue eyes. Two darker shades appear beneath her eyes.

Game information

The master appears in every level of Perspective and serves as the main goal for the dog to reach. Throughout the game, she begins to develop a longing to see her son, and tells her dog as such.

At the start of Perspective, the master reveals some information to the player by telling the dog, who reveals it in his narration. The game takes place on her eighty-seventh birthday, over the course of one day. She reminds the dog that achieving the impossible can be done with a change of perspective.

The master manages to change her perspective at the end of the game, when she accidentally calls the dog by her son's name. By changing the perspective, the dog turns out to be the master's son.

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