Mine robots are enemies in Ripple Dot Zero.


Mine robots are spherical entities coloured dark blue, with a light blue stripe running across the middle of their bodies. They are covered with multiple spikes on the exterior of the body, which light up with blue spots periodically.

Game information

Mine robots are found exclusively in Terrarium Area 2, and are the first enemies to be encountered in that level. Their behaviour varies, depending on the location within the level they are found in. All mine robots explode on contact with Ripple Dot Zero and cause him to lose a heart. They can also be killed with a single slash.


A mine robot that has lit up.

At the beginning of Terrarium Area 2, mine robots are seen moving in one continuous motion counterclockwise along the outer edges of the platforms. In later levels, their movement tends to be faster and less fluid. These mine robots will travel rapidly in a straight line until they reach the end of a path. They will then pause for a brief moment and move in a straight line along a different trajectory.

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