Attack: Charging at the character
Health: 5 hits
First level: 10
Game(s): Slayin

The Minotaur is the first boss fought in Slayin.


The Minotaur looks like a bull with a purple body, grey head and yellow horns. Its one visible eye is black with a yellow pupil. A gold ring is also seen sticking out of its nose. The two horns on the Minotaur face the direction of the Knight, Wizard or Knave.

On its purple body, the Minotaur has two larger front legs which it uses to push off the ground, and two smaller back legs, which it runs on. The two smaller legs are thick at the thighs and thinner near the feet area.

Game information

The player's character fights the Minotaur on level ten. After the words "A great danger approaches" appears on screen, the Minotaur will drop down onto the far right of the area. Kicking off its back legs, it charges to the left after about a three second wait. When it goes as far left as possible, its horns will be stuck and the player will have a chance to land a hit on the Minotaur with their playable character. Once the Minotaur is stunned, or if the player waits too long to land their hit, it will face the opposite direction and charge across after a brief moment. Landing five hits successfully causes it to be slain, and the player to upgrade to level eleven.

During the Minotaur battle, the player's character must be able to evade its attack as it makes its way from one end of the screen to the other. In the case of the Knight or Knave, the player will be able to make their character jump. For the Wizard, the player can deploy his tornado attack to be temporarily invincible as the Minotaur passes through him.


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