Black missile First black plane projectile
Both types of missiles
Attack: Hitting Agent Turnright
Damage: Instant death
Game(s): Agent Turnright

Missiles are hazards in the game Agent Turnright.


Missiles are cylindrically shaped with a flat bottom and a roughly curved top. Missiles fired by helicopters are silver with a slight sheen and outlined in black while the other kind of missile is completely black, significantly larger, and has yellow sparks discharged from the bottom of it.

Game information

Silver missiles first appear in stage 12 while black missiles are only found in stage 14. Silver missiles are fired by both the black helicopter and the grey and black helicopter, proceeding down the screen to either hit their target or disappear from view. If they make contact with Agent Turnright in any way, the stage will be failed and automatically restart.

Unlike silver missiles, the dispenser of black missiles is unknown as but they are likely fired from an unseen helicopter. Black missiles will travel from the bottom of the screen to the top either disappearing from view or exploding and crashing Agent Turnright's helicopter if contact is made.

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