Monsters are enemies first seen in level 5 of Blym.


Monsters have pink round bodies and white eyes with no pupils. Their mouth is rectangular with a pale pink outline and two unevenly matched teeth inside. Their small feet are a slightly lighter shade of pink than the rest of the body.

Game information

Monsters make their first appearance in level 5, but are only encountered and cannot be interacted with. In the subsequent levels, they can pose as a threat to Blym.

Some monsters remain stationary, while others walk back and forth, as well as jump, though not all monsters that walk are necessarily capable of jumping. If Blym makes contact with a monster, it will eat him head first. The screen then reloads so that the player can attempt the level again.

Monsters can be squished using blocks that land on them from above. They are also vulnerable to the same hazards that Blym can be killed by, such as bullets from volcanoes and cannons or saws. In some levels, the killing of an enemy with a hazard is necessary to reach the teleporter.

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