Muscle zombie
Muscle Zombie
Attack: Firing a laser
Abilities: Charging at the hero
Health: 300
Points: $150
First level: 6
Game(s): Random Heroes

The muscle zombie is the boss found in the final downtown area of Random Heroes.


The muscle zombie is mint-green with brown underpants. Its two white eyes are unevenly sized, and it has a red, gaping mouth with a small tooth on each bottom corner. Abdominal muscles can be seen, as well as arm muscles, which are largest towards its head.


Once the player reaches level six, they will encounter the muscle zombie. The hero is placed in an enclosed room with one elevated platform in the middle. The battle starts with the muscle zombie on the other side of the area.


The muscle zombie has two attacks: firing a laser and charging at the hero. When the battle first begins, it will run towards the hero until it reaches the other side of the enclosed area. After it pauses, it turns around and fires an orange laser that extends to the other side of the area where it is standing. The muscle zombie retains this fire for a brief second before ceasing the laser and running back to the other side.


Since the zombie is vulnerable to hits at any point in the battle, the player can constantly shoot at it while it does not fire its laser across the screen. As the zombie makes its way to the other side from where it was standing, the player should take opportunity to land as many hits as they can before it turns around. The elevated platform can be used to successfully evade the laser attack. Once the boss' health is depleted, it will flash in fiery explosives before disappearing out of the area. The achievement "All Brawn No Brain" is also unlocked after the player defeats the muscle zombie for the first time.


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