The Pixel Love wiki was created by NOBODY. The wiki's creation was because the Pixel Love games could not be written about on the Nitrome wiki, as the Nitrome wiki is strictly for Nitrome related content.


The Pixel Love wiki was thought of whenever NOBODY played a pixel love game. He found several of the pixel love games very fun, but was unable to write about them due to previously mentioned reasons.



Scheduled for creation when NOBODY had gone through all pages on the wiki, NOBODY created the wiki early as fellow Nitrome Wiki users NTPYTO (formerly Not the person you're thinking of) said he would help and when CandD asked about Pixel Love articles. It was then when the pixel love wiki was born. On the same day (about an hour later), Emitewiki2 read a blog post comment made by Grammar Cat on the Nitrome wiki, mentioning her teasing her brother (NOBODY) for making a Pixel Love wiki. Emitewiki2 decided to check out the wiki, and found it in its earliest stage, with no official articles written except for Nitrome Pixel Love Wiki:Templates. Emitewiki2 then created a small article on the fourth Pixel love game Depict1 and created a few categories.

Edit War

Andrew Morrish, the creator of the first Pixel Love game Super Puzzle Platformer, edited the Shooter page as a wikia contributor and claimed that the Shooter was "transgender" without indentifying himself. Users NOBODY and Sabkv reverted the gender back to Unknown. Andrew, not knowing why the change wasn't kept, continuously changed the gender to transgender. Sabkv decided to tell Andrew to stop, not knowing that it was the devoloper himself. Andrew, confused why he can't edit the gender, refused and continued to change the Shooter's gender to transgender. Sabkv warning him again for the last time, decided to tell NOBODY to block the IP. Soon, Andrew got mad and posted his situation on Twitter and even told Nitrome to take his game off their site. Some wikia contributors left messages on NOBODY's and Sabkv's talk pages informing what they have done.

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