The Oracle gets many visitors from afar. Sometimes, he even creates life.

The Oracle is a side character in Seedling. He created the young seedling from the wind to send him on a mission.


The Oracle has a brown, bullet-shaped head with a yellow eye and a tiny black opening below the eye, assumed to be a mouth. He wears a blue shirt and green pants, and is always seen sitting.


The Oracle resides in a small house close to his Tree. It is in front of there that the young seedling is born. The entrance to his home is blocked by a rock, but after obtaining a sword, the young seedling can break through the barrier and enter. Throughout the game, the player can return to visit the Oracle by going into his house, where he will tell the young seedling that he is still waiting for him to complete his mission.


When the seedling meets the Oracle for the first time, he tells the seedling that he created him from the wind for a purpose. The Oracle's Tree is dying, and he needs a new seed to replace the Tree before it dies. He emphasizes the importance of getting the seed at any cost, no matter what the price.


  • Seedling - The Oracle tells the seedling that he has created him to fulfill the purpose of getting the seed. Once the seedling completed the mission, the Oracle had no purpose for him, leaving the young seedling to wither and die.
  • Tree - The Oracle highly values his Tree, referring to it as his "beloved". As the Tree was dying, the Oracle got it to create the young seedling from the wind to send the young seedling on a journey to find a new seed.


Upon first meeting the Oracle:

  • Hello, young soul. I am the Oracle. I see you have begun a life of your own. That sword you hold, it has great power. It will help you on your journey. For I did not create you from the wind on a whim. It is the Tree, you see. The Tree will begin its death cycle soon...And I need a seed to replace my beloved. For that, I created you. I care not how you go about this—whatever good or evil you might do…It matters not to me. Just bring me a seed.

Waiting for the young seedling to fulfill his mission:

  • I am waiting, my child. As you linger, my beloved Tree dies.

At the ending, after receiving the seed:

You have brought the seed. Good work. Your purpose is fulfilled, but you are not needed. Goodbye.