The Owl is the last boss the young seedling fights before he faces the Watcher.

Physical appearance

The Owl is has a tree stump-shaped body and is pale brown in colour. He has two blue eyes seen at the sides of his head and a dark yellow beak directly in the middle of the two eyes. Two ears stick out above the eyes and meet at the same height as the head. When still, his wings rest at the bottom of his entire body.


Village perceptions

In the bar near Rostef, a villager talks to the young seedling about the Owl. According to village legend, the Owl, one of the Creatures of the Relic, is small and harmless and lives inside a place known as the "Nest of the Owl". This area is the same as the stairway the young seedling first entered at the start of the game. When threatened, the Owl causes small tremours and hops around in his nest. Long ago, a beast entered the nest, and he was sealed in front of the nest.


When the seedling exits Ghethis by falling off the edge of where the spiral-shaped path ends, he will fall through the Sky Rock placed over the Watcher's area. With the Ghost Sword, the seedling can break the blue rock barrier accessible by swimming to reach a room with a large statue that occupies much of its space. The Owl is located in a small opening behind and to the left of the statue, sitting on a trap door. A pit of lava is in the centre of the room.


The Owl, when moving, attacks by leaving green bombs behind while he flies. After flying around the room for a few seconds, he will enclose himself in a trap door. Multiple rocks will then descend on the seedling, signaled by a shadow on the ground. The rocks fall where the seedling last was, and will hurt him if he stays in one place for too long.


As the Owl sends rocks to fall, the player should equip the seedling with a Ghost sword and quickly move the seedling so that he is close to the Owl as possible. While the rocks still fall, the seedling can be moved around in the small area between the trap doors to wait for the Owl to come out.

Once the Owl comes out of the trap doors and starts to fly, the player then has to chase him down and use the Ghost sword to land the Owl on the lava. Using the Ghost sword, the player can detonate bombs the Owl leaves behind early without dealing any damage. The Owl dies upon landing on the lava twice. The pathway to face the Watcher is then unlocked.

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