Panels are interactive objects in the game Five.

General appearance

Panels appear as a circle with six spikes. There are three spikes on the bottom and three on the top. The top one has an image in the middle.

General game information

Panels are placed in rooms, and execute an action when touched.


Key panels

Key panels are the most common of the 14 panels in the game, making up 13 of the 14. Key panels have the general design of a panel, only having a key in the middle. Key panels are placed in rooms, and upon getting to them take the player to a map. They unlock a new room on the map, and upon being obtained, disappear from the room they appear in. 13 key panels are found through the game.

Heart panel

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The heart panel is the 14th panel in the game. It has the general appearance of a panel, with a pink heart in the middle. It is found in the 16th room in the game, situated in the middle of the room. When the room it is found is is first entered, the fleeing person will be on the opposite end of the room. The fleeing person will always be the same distance away from the heart panel as the player, and also move as fast as the player towards the heart panel. It is not known what effect the heart panel has on the victim, as the fleeing person will always get to the heart panel before the victim.

When the fleeing person gets to the heart panel, it will cause it to disappear and reduce the player's time to five seconds. The heart represents the heart of the victim, which is located and seen beating at the top right section of the screen during the opening of the game.