Pea boys are enemies in Tobe's Hookshot Escape.


Pea boys have a beige outer shell that surrounds their brown face. Their two eyes are seen as black vertical lines inside the brown circle. Two green leaves poke out in a single stem above their heads, and they have small, beige-coloured feet.

Game information

Pea boys are the first enemies encountered in Tobe's Hookshot Escape. They remain on a single platform in the air for the duration of their appearance. Often, they walk back and forth, turning when they hit the edge to walk in the other direction. Sometimes, pea boys remain in one spot and leap into the air.

Hitting a pea boy from the side hurts Tobe on contact. However, jumping on a pea boy's head will kill it. Points are not added to the player's overall score for killing a pea boy, but each pea boy destroyed is noted in the player's personal record, found on the game's titlescreen.

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