Attack: Fires spores
Health: 12 hits
First level: 30
Game(s): Slayin

The Peloria is the third boss the player encounters in Slayin.


The Peloria is pink, with several horns sticking out of its body. It comes out of a green plant, which looks like a venus fly trap. When the Peloria opens its mouth, it arches its back and flexes its muscles.

Game information

The Peloria uses its plant component to dig into the ground and sprout out of it in a randomized location. The next location it appears within the level is signaled by brown dirt being disturbed from the ground. The Peloria then pauses for about one second before firing a spore in the Knight, Knave or Wizard's direction. After waiting about a second more, the Peloria then moves back into the ground and repeats the cycle. At the same time, additional spores sprout out of the ground, separate from the Peloria. The player can destroy the spores with any of the characters, but their ultimate goal is to land hits on the Peloria when it is not attacking.

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