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Pickups in Slayin are items that are dropped by enemies or chests opened by the player. Pickups are collected by the player when touched and will disappear after a couple seconds after dropping from enemies. All pickups give points and may also give other effects such as a health boost or adding to the player's total coins. Pickups can only be collected on the ground; the player is not able to collect them when they are sent in the air after enemies are killed or a chest is collected.


Coins increase the player's total coin score and give different amounts depending on streak or other factors. Coins also give health to the player and add a small amount to the combo meter depending on how valuable the coin is.

Silver coins

Silver coin

Silver coins are the lowest value coin in Slayin. They are dropped by enemies when the player's streak is less than 25 and add 1 to the player's point and coin amount, and 1% to their health. Chests drop 6 silver coins when they are opened.

Gold coins

Gold coin

Gold coins are the second lowest value coin in Slayin. They are dropped by enemies when the player's streak is greater than 25. They give 2 coins, points, and percent health when the player's streak is less than 100 and 3 for each when the streak is greater.

Large gold coins

Large gold coin

Large gold coins are the highest value coin in Slayin. They can only be collected from chests, which appear after all bosses and occasionally in the middle of a stage. All large gold coins increase the player's health by 10% and give 5 points but the amount of coins given varies depending which chest the coin came from.

Chest Coins given
Normal chest 20
After Minotaur 70
After Imp 60
After Peloria 80
After Harpy 90
After Dragon 100

Point values

Item name Points
Silver coin 1
Gold coin 2,3
Large gold coin 5
Green Potion 50
Feather 100
Rock 250
Red Orb 500
Dragon scale 10,000

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