Pink hearts
Pink heart
Ability: Completing the level
First level: Tutorial
Game(s): Tough Love Machine

Pink hearts are interactive objects in the game Tough Love Machine.


Pink hearts, as their name suggests, are heart shaped and predominately bright pink with small purple sections used to indicate shading. When a heart is broken it turn purple while if two hearts touch, they will begin to alternate between several bright colours.

Game information

Pink hearts first appear in the tutorial of Tough Love Machine and in all subsequent levels always in pairs. Upon both pink hearts touching, the blocks present in the levels, both hearts, as well as the hands, will light up and begin to flash different colours with the level then being complete. Because of this, hearts are a focal point of each level and often placed far apart from each other needing to be maneuver by the hands from one place to another. If a heart falls off the screen, the level will be lost and needed to be restarted with all blocks present turning to grey monochromatic shades. The level will also be lost if a hearts touches a spike, which will also result in the heart being broken in half.

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