Planes are enemies in Ripple Dot Zero.


Planes are black coloured, with some grey lines on their tails and engines. They have a mostly flat top, except for the two wings that stick upwards at the rear. The flames produced in the engines are blue, while the two eyespots on the front of the plane are green.

Game information

Planes are only present in Ripple Laboratories 0.2. They fly in the uppermost areas of the area, in one horizontal direction. If Ripple Dot Zero is close to a plane, it will shoot a single bullet that travels in a straight line towards him every two seconds. The bullet does not track the penguin's movements, so any bullets fired will only travel to the position Ripple Dot Zero was in when the plane fires the bullet.

Planes can be killed with a single slash from the penguin if he jumps into the air.

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