Aqua Boy in between two plants.
Ability: Give a pickup
Game(s): Aqua Boy

Plants are interactive objects in Aqua Boy.


When closed, plants are oval shaped, and sit on three green leaves. When they open, plants are revealed to be flowers, with pointed petals that flow down towards the leaves. The centre of the flowers is orange; the colour of the petals on a single plant is either blue or purple.

Game information

Plants make various appearances throughout Aqua Boy. Sometimes, they can be found in open areas next to an item of various kind, or in secluded areas, behind barricades or hidden passageways. When first seen, the petals of a plant are closed, forming a bulb shape. The bulb only opens once Aqua Boy shoots a plant with his pistol. A plant can also open if Aqua Boy gets close to a plant. Upon opening, the plant reveals a pickup that remains in the area until Aqua Boy exits or obtains the pickup. This pickup is either a shard of charge or a heart of health.

If Aqua Boy exits the area or dies within the area, the petals of the plant will be closed again. Approaching or shooting at the flower with Aqua Boy's pistol causes the plant to open again, revealing another pickup.


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