Shrink potionInviciblity potionFast pace potion
All three types of potions
Ability: Giving either increased speed, stealth, or decreased size
First level: Stage 4 ("S" potions), Stage 7 ("I" potions), Stage 13 ("F" potions)
Game(s): Agent Turnright

Potions are pickups in the game Agent Turnright


Potions are shaped like jugs with a circular bottom and a cylindrical neck extending out of it into a flat top. The majority of the potion is dark green with small grooves of a darker colour and light green present on flat top. In the middle of the potion's front is either a white capital "I", "S", or "F".

Game information

Potions come in three different forms and are found only in levels classified as "Escape". Each form is indicated by a letter contained on the front of it with the potion taking effect for seven seconds once Agent Turnright touches it. Potions labeled with "S" are first found on stage 4 and give Agent Turnright decreased size allowing him to progress through narrow passages.

Potions labeled "I" are first found in stage 7 and give Agent Turnright stealth by making him blend in with the floor, but a slightly darker shade to allow the player to distinguish him, allowing him to proceed unnoticed by guards. Potions labeled "F", of which there is only one that appears in stage 13, give Agent Turnright increased speed allowing him to outrun a spiked wall present in the stages it appears in.

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