The protagonist of Depict1 is a hooded player trying to escape the cage, with the help of the player.


The protagonist has pale skin, with a black glow surrounding it. It is seen wearing red pants, a red shirt and a red hood that partly shadows its face. The protagonist has nothing on its feet and is thus barefoot.


Before the events that happened in Depict1, the protagonist created an antagonist copy of itself. This antagonistic character is the leading narration of the game, deliberately deceiving the player as it points out controls or warns of particular hazards to avoid.

The protagonist starts the game Depict1 in the cage. While trying to escape the cage, the hooded player faces enemies and hazard. The hooded player has to solve puzzle involving itself and the environment, to get out of the cage. In the end the protagonist kills its antagonist and escapes the cage.

Game information

The protagonist appears in all levels of Depict1. It is controlled by pressing the W, A, S, and D keys. Jumping can be done by pressing the J key. Spacebar immediately explodes the hooded player and restarts the level.

The protagonist can interact with spikes, light beams, enemies, gems, and high jump boots by walking into them.