Psychedelic blocks
Ability: Varies
Game(s): Give Up, Robot

Psychedelic blocks are interactive objects in Give Up, Robot.


Psychedelic blocks are made up of a palette of different colours, each in their own individual squares. Such colours include brown, navy blue, light blue, orange, pink, red and green. Each colour is outlined with a lighter shade of its own. These colours alternate within the square, giving off a flashing effect.

Game information

Psychedelic blocks colour the ceilings and ground of most levels. Some are seen as individual shapes that hang in midair. The robot is able to interact with psychedelic blocks by standing on them or attaching to them with the grappling hook. There are several types of psychedelic blocks in the game that interact differently with the robot when contact is made.


  • Normal psychedelic blocks - Cover the ceilings, ground and some midair blocks. When the robot makes contact with them, either by moving onto them or with the grappling hook, no effect takes place. These are first seen on level one.
  • Moving psychedelic blocks - Similar to falling blocks, moving psychedelic blocks will react when the robot lands on or grapples one, only the blocks move in an upward or horizontal direction. They stop moving after a certain distance, usually after hitting the ceiling or a wall. Other moving blocks, used for transportation around levels, are able to pass through other blocks, even orange walls.
  • Falling psychedelic blocks - When the robot lands on or grapples a falling block, it will quiver in the air, then drop downwards until it hits the ground. If there is no ground, it will leave the screen. These blocks appear in later levels and require speed to pass them.

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