Boy sheep are called rams. They can be aggressive, but they need to be put into their pen all the same. - the farmer, describing rams in level 4

A group of five rams
Ability: Follow the sheepdog at a quicker pace than sheep
Game(s): Sheepwalk

Rams are boy sheep that first appear on level 4 of Sheepwalk.


Rams each have a pair of white horns on the left and right sides of their beige head. Like white sheep, they have green eyes and two visible legs that are shaped like thin rectangles.

Game information

Like white sheep, rams will move toward the sheepdog when the sheepdog approaches them, except the speed they move at is significantly faster than the white sheep. If the sheepdog makes contact with a ram, it will lose a heart of health. As with white sheep, rams must be put into the pen in order to proceed to the next level.

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