Hidden areas refer to levels in Ripple Dot Zero that are unlocked by landing on a secret or concealed particle field. A hidden area is always found in the second level of an overall stage (eg. Ripple Laboratories, Crater Lake, etc.). All hidden particle fields except for Terrarium Area 2 contribute to the player's "secrets" count.

When a particle field leading to a hidden area is landed on, the level is completed. The map then unlocks the hidden area, designated by a turquoise coloured dot. Players must complete the hidden area or land on the normal particle field found in the previous level in order to lock the next regular stage.


Almost all hidden areas allow the player to gain an extra life by collecting capsules to fill the 1up metre in the bottom-right corner of the screen. The only exceptions are the hidden areas within Terrarium Area 2. The first, called the Terrarium, gives the player access to all uncompleted bonus stages, while the second allows players to visit a room that contains unused enemies and other components.

Hidden areas

The Hydroplant

Access: Ripple Laboratories Area 2

This is the only hidden area in the game to contain secrets.

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Ripple Dot Zero Hydroplant01:39

Ripple Dot Zero Hydroplant

The Badlands

Access: Crater Lake Area 2

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Ripple Dot Zero Badlands02:54

Ripple Dot Zero Badlands

The Oxygen Plants

Access: Oxygen Plants Area 2

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Ripple Dot Zero Oxygen Plants Hidden02:34

Ripple Dot Zero Oxygen Plants Hidden

The Terrarium

Access: Terrarium Area 2


Access: Terrarium Area 2

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RDZ Terrarium 2 cutoff and Zoo03:37

RDZ Terrarium 2 cutoff and Zoo

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