Road vehicles
A truck
Attack: Running into Agent Turnright
Damage: Instant death
Game(s): Agent Turnright

Road vehicles are hazards found in the game Agent Turnright.



Cars are flat and rectangular with a black rectangle placed in front of them indicating a bumper. Two yellow blocks are placed being the black piece towards the far sides indicating headlights while four rectangles, two small and two large placed near the back of the car with spaces at the corners, give the illusion of a raised roof. With the exception of the front facing rectangle, which is dark blue, all the rectangles on the roof are black while the remainder of the car is either a purplish-blue or dull green.


Trucks are flat, rectangular, and considerably larger than the cars. A black bar is placed at the front or trucks indicating a bumper with two yellow blocks, placed at the far sides of the car, indicating headlights. The majority of the truck is orange with a square section near the front, and at the back in the middle, being in dark orange and giving an illusion of depth. Lastly, placed partly above and in between the headlights, is a dark blue rectangle indicating a window.

Game information

Road vehicles only appear on stages 5 and 11 and can be classified into two types: cars and trucks. Both stages take place on a highway where a road vehicle will occupy one lane and proceed to move downwards in speeds that vary for each vehicle, with the cars occupying the far right three lanes moving considerably faster than others. If Agent Turnright collides with a road vehicle, yellow sparks will come from both vehicles as they are driven downwards off the screen. The only difference between cars and trucks, save for appearance, is that trucks are generally found only in the middle lanes while cars are found in all lanes.