The robot is the main character of Give Up, Robot.


The robot is grey coloured and is made up of two main components: a square shape for the head, and a diamond shape for its body. On the head, the robot has a light green rectangular screen that slightly juts out from the rest of the head. A thin grey antenna pokes out from the top of its head, with a green top the same colour as the screen.

Game information

The robot plays through fifty levels as the main character of the game. With its jumping and grappling hook ability, the player controls it to reach the end of each level. An antagonist accompanies each level, commenting at the end of each level and in between the robot's death animations.

Grappling hook

Besides jumping, the robot has a grappling hook that shoots out from the green screen on its head. This grappling hook can stick to and activate any psychedelic blocks as well as attaching to any hazardous objects above the robot within the levels. The robot can use the grappling hook for transportation across large gaps where jumping alone is not possible.

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